All Classes, Interfaces, Objects and Records

Name Unit Description
EBrook BrookException

Handles general exception in Brook.

EBrookAction BrookAction

Handles exceptions for TBrookAction.

EBrookApplication BrookApplication

Handles exceptions for application.

EBrookConfigurator BrookConfigurator

Handles exceptions for TBrookConfigurator.

EBrookConstraint BrookConstraints

Handles exceptions for TBrookConstraint.

EBrookHttp404 BrookException

Handles the exception for 404 error.

EBrookHttp500 BrookException

Handles the exception for 500 error.

EBrookHttpClient BrookHttpClient

Handles exceptions for EBrookHttpClient.

EBrookHttpDef BrookHttpClient

Handles exceptions for TBrookHttpDef.

EBrookHttpDefs BrookHttpClient

Handles exceptions for TBrookHttpDefs.

EBrookMiddleware BrookMiddleware

Handles exceptions for TBrookMiddleware.

EBrookRouter BrookRouter

Handles exceptions for TBrookRouter.

EBrookRoutes BrookRouter

Handles exceptions for TBrookRoutes.

EBrookSession BrookSession

Handles exceptions for TBrookSession.

IBrookApplication BrookApplication

Interface of the application.

IBrookInterface BrookClasses

Is the main interface for Brook.

TBrookAction BrookAction

Provides features to handle HTTP requests and responses.

TBrookComponent BrookClasses

Is the main component for Brook.

TBrookConfigurator BrookConfigurator

Configures objects by means of string or file.

TBrookConstraint BrookConstraints

Offers features for constraint handling.

TBrookConstraintItem BrookConstraints

Defines a constraint item.

TBrookConstraints BrookConstraints

Registers and executes constraint classes.

TBrookCustomConstraint BrookConstraints

Offers general features for constraint handling.

TBrookCustomConstraints BrookConstraints

Registers constraint classes.

TBrookGAction BrookAction

Provides features to handle HTTP requests and responses mapping URIs to object.

TBrookGSession BrookSession

Defines features to the section mapping field values to object.

TBrookHttpClient BrookHttpClient

Client to perform HTTP requests.

TBrookHttpDef BrookHttpClient

Offers general abstract features for HTTP handling.

TBrookHttpDefs BrookHttpClient

Registers HTTP definitions.

TBrookHttpResult BrookHttpClient

Information returned after a request.

TBrookInterfacedObject BrookClasses

Is the main interfaced object for Brook.

TBrookMiddleware BrookMiddleware

Intermediates two classes through a TBrookExecuteActionEvent event.

TBrookObject BrookClasses

Is the main object for Brook.

TBrookRoute BrookRouter

Defines a route item.

TBrookRouter BrookRouter

Provides features for the route handling.

TBrookRoutes BrookRouter

Defines a list of routes.

TBrookSession BrookSession

Defines features to the section handling.

TBrookSettings BrookUtils

Stores the Brook configurations.